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“It was part of my blazing egomania that I felt personally responsible for all the injustices of the Institute.  Later, I would feel the same sort of impotent outrage when I studied the monstrous injustices of the world toward its meekest and most helpless citizens.  I was young then, and my youth permitted me to believe that I could change the world if only I could devise a cunning enough strategy.”

~ Will McLean, First Class PVT, Carolina Military Institute Class of 1967

(From Pat Conroy’s The Lords of Discipline)

Honest, hardworking bachelor’s-level analyst, freelance writer, and consultant currently seeking new opportunities. Find me on LinkedIn, shoot me an email, or follow me on Twitter. While my region of interest is Latin America, I love connecting with others and exchanging ideas on everything from leadership to good coffee. (More writing samples can be found here.)

  1. Jared Mast permalink

    Me gusta tu blog. Es muy informativo.

    • Gracias! Si tienes preguntas sobre las politicas de America Latina, relaciones internacionales, o la seguridad nacional de los EEUU, dejame saber. Me gustaria escribir de cosas interesantes, pero es dificil a veces.

      The stuff that interests me often seems boring to others. 🙂


  2. claro. Tambien me interesa los cambios y desarollo suramericano. Especialmente las relaciones nuevas entre china y el region, y su apoya que unificar .

    Gracias por tu sitio. Dame tu dirreccion o msn por hablar mas de la tema por favor . Josh

  3. Jackie, acabo de descubrir tu blog atraves Linked In. Me parece bastante util.

    Espero que tu seras una fuente constante de nuevas informaciones sobre el futuro de la OEA.

    It is fairly hard to find god young Lat Am specialists, and you may be the onlt one who also follows OAS and the other IOs in the Hemisphere. Feel free to call on me at any time if you think I might be able to help you with something. Do you pay any attention to MERCOSUR and its secretariat based in Montevideo.

    Best Christmas Wishes,
    Richard Schwartz

    • Thanks, Richard!

      I’m not as familiar with Mercosur as I am with the OAS and the Andean Community, but I’m very interested to see how the Mercosur Summit talks about Venezuela turn out. I’m planning on blogging about it sometime in the next week (the Summit ends today), but we’ll see how various holiday functions affect my productivity. 😉

      I just sent you a request to connect on LinkedIn. I’ll be sure to let you know when I post an update on Mercosur.


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