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Santiago Bound!

January 6, 2012

Well, the big day is upon us. At 6:00pm on Friday, January 6th, I depart the United States for adventures in other areas of the Americas.

Amidst other very real and very overwhelming frustrations, I’m feeling very blessed that I received a scholarship to attend the Institute for Leadership in the Americas, an educational program hosted by The Fund for American Studies in Santiago de Chile. Here’s some info from the program website:

The Institute for Leadership in the Americas (ILA) features a two week academic program in Santiago, Chile that will focus on economics, political theory and the bases for the rule of law and institutional governance.

Chile has been called “an oasis of progress” in South America for its economic growth and political stability. Students will gather in Chile’s beautiful capital city of Santiago to study the foundations for Chile’s “economic miracle” and to learn about the political and economic necessities of a free society.

If you were to describe me as “super excited”, you would only be partially correct. The problem with using words to communicate feelings is that words themselves rarely do the feelings justice.

I should have pretty regular wifi while I’m down there, so hopefully you’ll be reading several new blog posts. I have a few drafts on various topics that I’m still working on, but you can probably anticipate an increase of personal reflections on information about Chile over the next couple of weeks.

In the meantime, if you have any questions about Chilean history, culture, economics, or politics, please post them here. I’ll seek answers on location, giving you a chance to help direct my blog.

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