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#lessambitiousbooks: The Latin American Literature Edition

January 3, 2012

I began using Twitter shortly after listening to an NPR special on the role Twitter played in helping to organize the revolution in Tunisia. While many sources have overstated the impact of social media on the Arab Spring, it seemed like a good way to stay informed of developments in the Americas.

I also figured the 140 character limit would help me become a more concise communicator. But if you follow my blog, you probably already know that I still have room for improvement there.

While I mostly use Twitter to follow LatAm analysts, diplomats, the major news sources, and international relations experts, I’m also a linguist and amateur grammarian. The word nerd in me simply cannot help but get excited by hashtags like #LiteraryTurducken and, trending a little more recently, #lessambitiousbooks.

Here are a few of my favorite less ambitious book, drawn from the classic works of Latino and Chicano literature. See if you can guess what the original titles are!

Quonset Hut on Mango Street

• Meth in the Andes (by @LatAmLens)

Daughter of High-Middle Class

• Conversation in the Parsonage

• Facundo: Civilization II and World of Warcraft

• Cholera in the Time of Cholera (by @kellyoxford)

 The Unicycle Diaries

As a fan of satire, irony speaks deeply to my soul. Thankfully, Latin American literature often involves more than enough irony of its own, even without being renamed to create a #lessambitiousbook.

What are some other less ambitious book titles from Latin American lit?


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